While most humans can be perfectly happy living on one level, cats live in a multi-level world and need to be able move vertically as well as horizontally. This is why a cat tree is not just a luxury, but is a necessity for your feline children. Developed in the late 1960’s, cat trees provide two or more levels of carpet covered platforms on which to perch. Some have boxes with openings in which to hide as well.

cat tree with scratching postA cat tree may help a cat (especially a frightened or timid one) feel more secure. It can be a place for your cat to escape when he or she feels threatened or needs to relax. It provides a high perch from which your feline child can survey his or her surroundings. A cat tree may encourage a shy cat to stay in the room rather than running and hiding under the bed.

A cat tree may help keep the peace when you have more than one cat. Your dominant cat can occupy the highest platform while your less aggressive felines take the lower perches. That way, the pecking order may be preserved with less physical fighting. And if you put the cat tree near a tall window, the cats on all levels can enjoy watching the birds and outdoor activities.

So, if you want your cat or cats to have a place to exercise, relax and have fun without scratching up your furniture, knocking over your precious breakables or ruining your curtains, get a cat tree.

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