The Litter Box – Do’s and Don’t’s

As you may have noticed, litter boxes come in a variety of styles and sizes. But which litter box is right for your feline child?Let's start with the size. This is just a general rule. The litter box should be least one and one half times as long as your cat, not including the tail. The width should be at least the length of your cat without the tail extended. There should be plenty of room to comfortably turn, dig and step around previous deposits. It's important not to have a [...]

A Cat Scratching Post is Essential

While you may find it nothing more than a destructive habit, your cat is not scratching your furniture, carpet and curtains to be bad. Scratching is a normal, natural instinct which helps remove the dead outer layers of the nails. It also let's your cat mark his or her territory both visually and with scent from scent glands in the paws. Scratching reduces stress and strengthens feet and claws. It improves your cat's overall health and this is why a high quality scratching post is essential. When searching for a scratching [...]

Why Your Cat Needs a Cat Tree

While most humans can be perfectly happy living on one level, cats live in a multi-level world and need to be able move vertically as well as horizontally. This is why a cat tree is not just a luxury, but is a necessity for your feline children. Developed in the late 1960's, cat trees provide two or more levels of carpet covered platforms on which to perch. Some have boxes with openings in which to hide as well. A cat tree may help a cat (especially a frightened or timid one) [...]

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