Freshwater Tropical Fish

The Best Freshwater Tropical Fish for Beginners

So you’ve got your new freshwater tropical fish aquarium all set up and running. Now you just need to add fish. But what are the best freshwater tropical fish to start out with?

You should look for fish that:

  • can survive and thrive in varying water conditions
  • can eat a variety of foods
  • won’t outgrow your aquarium
  • get along with other kinds of fish and are not aggressive

It’s best to get small, schooling fish and gradually build one school at a time, a few fish at a time.



The Fish Tank 411

fish aquariumA fish tank or aquarium gives us a great opportunity to view the underwater world and learn about the behavior of aquatic animals. Both salt water and fresh water aquariums can be educating, entertaining and a source of relaxation.

However, a healthy fish tank requires some care and attention. Water in natural lakes, rivers and oceans is naturally cleaned and filtered. This is not so with a fish tank. It will need human help.

Your aquatic wonderland should include the following items:

The Fish Tank – Clean the inside of your […]

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