DentastixBuddy and Lily live for these treats! I had tried Greenies in the past with no success. And they were super expensive. So I tried brushing their teeth which helped a little, but you have to do it regularly.

Then my brother told me about Dentastix. His dog, Bella, refused to have her teeth brushed. Any fingers that got near her mouth had a good chance of being bitten. Dentastix was the answer. My brother says the vet praises Bella’s teeth on her annual checkups.

So I bought Pedigree Dentastix Large Dog Treats and broke them in half for my dogs. This worked for Buddy, my beagle. But Lily, my dachshund-lab mix, swallowed them whole. Obviously, this defeats the purpose and is not good for her. So Lily gets a whole Dentastix and Buddy gets a half. A box with 32 treats lasts about 3 weeks. Their teeth are visibly cleaner and their breath is better.

There are a few questionable ingredients in the original flavor and even more in the bacon and beef flavors. So if your dog has allergies or you are a purist, you may want to check them before buying.