Blueberry dog harnessLily loves this dog harness! She eagerly walks right into it when it is held out to her. And it’s very easy to put on. The soft, spongy padding in the chest, back and belly areas is a big improvement over the thin, nylon straps on the old dog harness. And I love the reflective stripes. Lily is mostly black and invisible to cars when we walk in the early morning hours. At least drivers can see the harness now!

We bought the Chest Girth 22-26.5″, Neck 17.5-26″, Chest Strap 11.5″, Medium Vest and were able to adjust the chest and neck straps to fit perfectly. Lily weighs about 35 pounds, but each dog is unique so you may want to take your dog’s measurements before deciding on a size.

We’re thinking of getting one for Buddy, our beagle, but while Lily loves wearing clothes, Buddy, not so much. We tried to dress him in a little coat once on a very cold day. He stood like a statue and refused to move until we took it off. This dog harness is not really clothes, but it does cover a lot more than a regular non-padded harness. Still, we might give it a go. If Buddy refuses to wear it, we can always give it to someone whose dog will like it.

If you or someone you know has bought this harness, please let us know what you think of it!